"Ignite Your Inner Athlete - Make Your Mark"

At CBM Athletics, we are committed to encouraging student athletes to be the best version of themselves.  We focus on the development of character and confidence, strength and conditioning, and ultimately the creation of self-motivated athletes.  It is my passion to work with student athletes to help them to reach their fullest potential.


My name is Bradley McCoy, Head Coach of CBM Athletics.  Inspirational coaches, role models, and mentors have encouraged me and supported my growth as an athlete and as a person throughout the course of my life.  In turn, the goal of CBM Athletics is to give back to student athletes in our local community by providing boys and girls in grades 3-8 with training sessions that focus on character development, sportsmanship, speed, agility and overall physical development.  The end goal is for you as parents to witness your child's transformation!

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